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    A "Ristorante" on the hills, just for you.

    We are a casual Italian restaurant located in the hotel compounds.
    Our dishes feature various local produce perfected in the true Italian style.
    You can choose between our homemade pizza or pasta as your main dish for lunch, and for dinner, we offer a course menu as well as a la carte selections.
    Most importantly, don’t miss out on our terrace seats with its breathtaking view! We also cater to group parties and reservations.

    Lunch Menu 〈11:00 - 14:30(L.O)〉

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    *Please choose either a freshly homemade pizza or pasta dish for your main course.
    * Comes with an all-you-can-eat salad, curry, and drink set – all for \1,200 (tax inclusive).

    Dinner Menu 〈17:30 - 20:30(L.O)〉

    • Assorted cheese from 2 servings
      Assorted cheese from 2 servings

      The perfect cheese platter to start your evening.
      ¥800(in tax)

    • Caprese

      Your glass of wine needs a friend.
      ¥500(in tax)

    • Prosciutto and Camembert cheese
      Prosciutto and Camembert cheese

      Camembert cheese and Parma ham: a match made in heaven.
      ¥600(in tax)

    • Salmon carpaccio
      Salmon carpaccio

      The zesty sauce brings out the flavor of salmon.
      ¥800(in tax)

    • Mizuna and Scallop marinade
      Mizuna and Scallop marinade

      Large, juicy scallops dancing in fresh vegetables and marinade dressing.
      ¥700(in tax)

    • Shrimp and Mushroom Ajillo
      Shrimp and Mushroom Ajillo

      A fresh interpretation of giant prawns al ajillo feat. mushrooms.
      ¥900(in tax)

    • Roasted Duck Balsamic sauce
      Roasted Duck Balsamic sauce

      Japanese culinary technique worked magic on this roast duck.
      ¥800(in tax)

    • Beef stew and Salad Bucket
      Beef stew and Salad Bucket

      Stewed for 8 hours to perfection.
      ¥1,500(in tax)

    • Beef tenderloin cutlet Demiglace sauce
      Beef tenderloin cutlet Demiglace sauce

      Paired with our secret recipe demi-glace sauce.
      ¥1,800(in tax)

    • Sea urchin risotto
      Sea urchin risotto

      Our house original risotto brimming with the pungent aroma of sea urchin and cheese.
      ¥900(in tax)

  • ・Seasonal soup
    ¥500(in tax)
  • ・Bread
    ¥150(in tax)
    1. pizza
    2. Pizza

      ・Prosciutto pizza
      ・Seafood pizza
      ALL¥800(in tax)

    1. pasta
    2. Pasta

      Meat sauce
      Chicken and mushroom tomato sauce
      Seafood cream sauce
      ALL¥800(in tax)

Dinner Set Menu〈reservation-only〉

Enjoy your time with friends and family!

A casual dinner course for everyone’s enjoyment.
The course menu features a masterful fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisine.
We cater to group reservations as well!

  • course dinner

    course dinner

    *Italian Dinner Course: Starting from ¥3,850 (tax inclusive) *Reservation required.
    *This image is an example of a set dinner course menu that would be served.
    *There is also a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available.